Blame The Bible​/​Neighbors of the Beast single

by Pansy Division

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A vinyl-only 45 single. A-side from the album Quite Contrary; B-side non-album track unavailable elsewhere.


released September 6, 2016

Recorded and mixed at at Studio Trilogy, San Francisco, by Willie Samuels; additional recording in Boston & Los Angeles



all rights reserved
Track Name: Blame The Bible
He’s a politician with a love of the lord
He’s getting kickbacks from his seat on the church board
He voted no, of course, on your civil rights
And if he gets elected he’d reverse that, all right

Your basic needs are not his priority
He’s got his reputation to oversee
So if you’re gay or if you just don’t fit in
He’ll introduce you to the wages of sin

He hides behind the Bible’s libel
And wants to scare you straight
He’s redesigned the Bible’s libel
To justify his hate

Here’s another Christian who swears he’s not gay
When asked if there’s a woman, he’d rather not say
And what about this asshole caught with kiddie porn?
He’s funneling funds through churches “to protect the unborn”

I can’t believe, I can’t believe what they say
They’ll say anything to get their own way
They have no limits, they’ll just blatantly lie
In the name of Jesus it’s all justified

They’re quoting all the Bible’s libel
The ones that suit their needs
Promoting all the Bible’s libel
With words but not their deeds

What’s written in the Bible is libel
No matter what you’ve heard
We’re sick of all the Bible’s libel
So don’t believe a word

Do you want him for your president? NO
Do you want him for your president? NO
Do you want her for your president? NO
Do you want him for your president? HELL NO

Do you want religion controlling your life? HELL NO
Do you want religion controlling your life? HELL NO
Do you want religion controlling your life? HELL NO
Then I want you to repeat after me

We don’t need the Bible, Bible
So throw it all away
Yeah, we don’t heed the Bible, Bible

What’s written in the Bible is libel
But slanders you and me
So spit into the Bible, Bible
And just be free

Isn’t it about time we gave up on Christianity?
I mean really, it’s so unnecessary and so deceitful.
Using verses from the Bible to validate their hate
Just look at all the damage they’ve caused.
So let’s take away the one thing they use to perpetuate this worldwide fraud
And tear up the Bible
Track Name: Neighbors of the Beast
6-6-4, right next door,
6-6-8, the very next gate
6-6-3, across the street
Hail Satan!
We're the neighbors of the beast

The devil had us over
For a backyard barbecue
The flames flared high upon his grill
Without lighter fluid
So I said to the devil,
How do your flames rise up so well?
He pointed to the ground and said,
It's the Bar-Be-Que pit from hell!

(repeat chorus)

The devil takes his garbage out,
The devil mows his lawn
I guess he pays his taxes
He's lived there for so long
You might think it's scary
To have Satan on my street
But I'm a lot more scared
Of those fundamentalist Bible-thumping creeps

(repeat chorus)